The Intimate Garden: Twenty Years and Four Seasons in Our Garden
(2005, WW Norton, New York City)
From Booklist: “Landscape design books abound, yet few tackle the subject as practically and proficiently as Hayward’s.”

While this is a profile of our garden, it is also a design primer for home garden designers. The entire book is divided by subheads, each of which shows a design principle we used to help us make design decisions. For example, “Framed View” is a subhead for how we prune the lower branches of trees to frame views, or how we take advantage of the uprights of our gazebo to frame views in four directions. Under the subhead “Choose Plants for Pleasing Contrast”, we show how we juxtapose plants with sword-shaped, broad and lacey leaves to ensure clarity in plant combinations.

Table of Contents
   The Whole Garden: The Itineraries
   The Entry Garden, The Crab Apple Orchard and Enclosure
   The Brick Wall and The Apple Tree
   The Woodland Walk - A Dry Shade Garden
   The Long Borders and The Three Oaks
   The Rock Garden and Dining Area
   The Herb Garden
   The Spring Garden - A Moist Shade Garden
   The North Gardens
   Courtyard House - Our Garden in the Cotswolds
   Plant List for Vermont Garden
   Initial Bloom Dates for Flowering Plants in Vermont
   What We Put in Planted Pots
   Herbs in the Herb Garden