Stone in the Garden: Inspiring Designs and Practical Projects
(2001, WW Norton) is in bookstores nationwide and in selected National Trust Shops
in the UK. Also available at For an overview of the book, go to the

In the June 3, 2001 book review section of The New York Times, reviewer Verlyn Klinkenborg wrote that this book is “easily the best and most useful book on stonework to come along in several years.”

Table of Contents
Section One: Inspiring Uses for Stone in the Garden
   Garden Walls, Both Freestanding and Retaining
   Stone Underfoot - Paths and Steps, Terraces and Patios
   Boulders and Bedrook
   Water and Stones
   Standing Stones and Benches

Section Two: The “How-To” of Stone in the Garden
   Building Dry-laid Stone Walls
   Building Stone Walkways, Patios and Terraces
   Gardening on Bedrock - Setting Boulders
   Stone and Natural Pools or Small Fountains
   Stone from Across North America

   A. Sources of Stone Across North America
   B. Sources of Stone Benches, Sculpture, Garden Ornaments and Details
   C. Associations