Your House Your Garden: A Foolproof Approach to Good Garden Design
(2003, WW Norton) Available at For an overview of the book, go to the This book earned the American Horticultural Society’s Annual Book Award for 2004.

Julie Moir Messervy, author and garden designer, wrote,“Every homeowner needs this book!”

Roger Swain, author, Victory Garden Show host for years and years and science editor at Horticulture Magazine wrote,“Here is proof of magic indeed. Read Your House, Your Garden and make everything look right!”

C. Colston Burrell in Fine Gardening Magazine wrote, “This book provides oodles of information on how to creat garden spaces in keeping with the style of the house and the lifestyle of the owners.”

Table of Contents
   Gardens at the Front of the House
   Gardens Along the Sides of the House
   Back Terraces, Patios and Gardens
   Gardens in the Ell or Courtyard of a House
   Gardens Between Buildings
   Gardens Around Outbuildings